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A contractor serving entrepreneurs

As a business creator you commit yourself every day to launch and realize new projects.

Your time and money are precious. The choice of a specialist who accompanies your start-up while you focus on its development is crucial.

For a reasoned and reasonable budget, our firm can help you optimize the overall management and finances of your start-up.

We also support you in your tax, administrative, investment and installation issues in Senegal.

Choice of the social status of the leader:

  • What status should you choose? The status of employed or self-employed worker?
  • Did you know that you can be a manager and an employee at the same time?
  • How to avoid having current accounts of debtors?

Wages or dividends:

What is the best compensation strategy?

Should I take my bonus in wages or dividends? How to obtain maximum disposable income at the lowest tax and social cost, while preserving pension rights, and improving pension rights.


  • How to optimize my retirement?

Our firm has tools and partners (brokerage firms, general agents brokers etc.) necessary to answer all these questions and to choose with you a solution adapted to your professional and personal projects.

Optimize your income

  • Patrimonial organization and strategy of the company manager
  • Compensation method: bonus, dividends, employee savings
  • Optimization of the social and fiscal status of the entrepreneur

Our firm is at your side to analyze, predict and accompany you throughout your professional and personal projects.

Create or take over a business

  • Develop a forecast or a business plan
  • Conduct an acquisition audit
  • Find financing
  • Choose your legal, social and tax status
  • Prevent accounting, financial, tax, legal and social risks
  • Realize administrative and legal editing
  • Follow the activity of the company

Manage your daily business

  • Organization and monitoring of the accounts
  • Preparation of the annual accounts & intermediate situations
  • Preparation of dashboards and projected budgets
  • Tax reporting and tax audit assistance
  • Social management: payroll, social statements, employment contracts.
  • Legal follow-up

Develop your business

  • Search for bank financing
  • Search for guarantees
  • Choice and Investment Criteria (NPV, IRR, DRCI, IP)
  • Modification of the capital (Increase, Merger …)
  • Acquisition audit

Transmit or assign your business

  • Preparation for transfer or transmission
  • Transmissibility audit
  • Estimation of the value of the company
  • Recommendation, optimization and implementation of an action plan
  • Post-transfer support or transmission.

Are you looking for solutions for your day-to-day management, your transformation projects and for the resolution of crisis situations?

Our firm is at every stage of your development or complex or emergency. We intend to support fast-growing mid-sized companies every day.

The most important thing for us is to grow with you …


We certify your company’s accounts. Beyond this legal mission, we assist you to optimize or improve the quality of your financial information or to support your strategic decisions:

Legal Audit:

  • Diagnosis of internal control procedures and related risks,
  • Examination of the annual accounts,
  • Specific verifications.

Contractual Audit:

  • Acquisition audit of a target company
  • In-depth review of a function or process of your company
  • Audit of information systems


  • Preparation of the annual accounts, consolidated accounts
  • Payroll and human resources management
  • Social Law Assistance

Performance management: 

  • Reporting, dashboards
  • Business plan, cost accounting
  • Cash plan
  • Costing, margins and all other intermediate management balances …


  • Internal control diagnostics
  • Audit of information systems
  • Tax optimization
  • Corporate Law Advisory

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