Secure your company

At each stage of your projects, your development, we offer missions tailored to the size of your business to meet your legal obligations, and to diagnose the main risks that weigh on your business. As part of the statutory mission of the Statutory Auditor, we intervene to:

Certify the accounts of the company:

  • Review the internal control procedures and carry out a risk analysis: tax, social, legal, organizational ….
  • Audit the annual accounts including the balance sheet, the income statement, and the accounting annex
  • Validate the legal obligations, concerning the information contained in the management report of the governing bodies (CEO or CEO or AG), and the approval of the annual accounts.

Attest that:

  • the financial information provided by the company complies with the regulations and the accounting

To draft any report provided for by the Uniform Act relating to company law and GIE (AUDSGIE) relating to operations:

  • capital increase and / or capital reduction
  • concluded on special terms (agreements between the structure and its directors)
  • transformation into a legally different company

Make known to the officers and shareholders (shareholders) any significant fact that may have an impact on society

In the context of the contractual audit defined with you:

  • Give an opinion on the accounts of a “target” company that you wish to acquire
  • Conduct a thorough review of a function of your company:

Purchasing / Sales – Production / Inventories / Social / Finance and Treasury

Accounting and financial information system, general information system

These missions always give rise to the issuance of a specific report, provided for in the mission letter defined with you.

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