Create your company

You carry a project ? Do you want to start or start a business?

To undertake in all serenity, NKAC AUDIT & CONSEIL accompanies you at each stage of advancement of your project:

Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your project

  • Consistency between you, your idea, the target market and your goals

Development of the business plan

Fundamental element of any business creation project and a real communication tool, it will highlight:

  • Your career, your ambitions and aspirations
  • Your project (product, market analysis, implementation, resources, strategy, prospects …)
  • Your forecast: initial and 3-5-year financing plan, income statement, cash flow plan

Search for financing

  • Accompaniment for the search of bank financing
  • Accompanying to the guarantee funds
  • Support for investment funds
  • Aid for creation (DER, ADEPME, various state insertions funds)
  • Search for grants from local institutions (state funds or other investment funds)

Advice on choosing the legal, social and tax status

The legal framework in which you will practice will have several consequences on your status. This status will be defined with you according to certain criteria:

  • Nature of the activity
  • Willingness to associate
  • Protection and transmission of heritage
  • Financial commitment
  • Operation of the company
  • Credibility
  • Social coverage desired
  • Cost of the proceedings

Help in the administrative and legal setup

  • Drafting of statutes before transmission to the notary
  • Registration with various tax and social authorities

Establishment of an approach to follow the activity of the company

Aware of the difficulties of survival during the first 3 years of creation, our firm has put in place proven methods and tools to manage your business pro-actively and dynamically

  • Help to create monthly dashboard
  • Accompanying the head of the company by setting up regular meetings with the accountant

Acquisition audit and business valuation

If you want to take over a business, we can carry out an acquisition audit and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of this project.

Optimize your remuneration