We aim for the satisfaction of all stakeholders – investors, shareholders, managers, audit committee, employees – as to the controls put in place and the overall vision of the company.

Our team relies on partners of experienced and committed employees alongside their customers, and quality professionals, available, responsive and responsive.

We realize at once:

  • statutory audit engagements (statutory audit): our objective is to express an opinion on the regularity and the sincerity of your accounts and on the faithful image that they give of the result of the operations of the past financial year as well as only on the financial and patrimonial situation of your company.
  • contractual audit engagements: we intervene in various transactions – merger and acquisition for example – to verify and validate the reliability of the financial information. Examples of missions: contribution and merger offices.
Audit Nkac expertise comptable
[:fr]Expertise comptable[:en]Accounting[:] [:fr]Conseil et stratégie[:en]Advice and Strategy[:]