Advice and legal assistance

Tax advice and insurance

Assistance at the time of the creation of the company

Choice of legal form, tax regime

Optimizing the tax situation of your company

Assistance with tax options to be made at the time of the creation of the company

Presentation of the nomenclature of taxes and duties in Senegal

Alert about tax problems related to your business activity

Verification of compliance with tax regulations and identi fi cation of tax risks

Identification of tax optimization opportunities offered by regulation

Diagnosis of tax situation:

  • Verification of the determination of the taxable result;
  • Verification of all taxes and duties of the taxpayer;
  • Establishment of a regularization schedule;
  • Accompaniment in the regularization procedure;
  • Establishment of a tax management and optimization system.

Relations with tax administration:

  • As part of a request for information;
  • Auditing of accounting;
  • Tax adjustment;

Installation and follow-up of VAT refund file.

Advice and legal assistance

Establishment of restructuring acts of the company, merger agreement, acquisition of company, increase or decrease of capital, contribution in kind;

Legal watch on all operations of the company or in the company: Resignation or dismissal of director, manager, change of registered office, cumulation of corporate office and employment contract;

Assistance with the holding of councils and assemblies;

Accompaniment in the operations of mergers, splits, transformation.

Insurance / Brokerage Social