SAS with variable share capital in OHADA

SAS with variable share capital in OHADA
Zoom on a legal form unknown to the general public or high-growth SMEs: SAS with variable capital.
You are above your horizon 2-3 on your horizon 2-3, it is interesting to leave your capital at any time without going through the notary (under private seal) your future pre-seed lifts and current account contributions
Who can: SA or SAS does not make public offerings
The share capital is likely to increase by the successive payments of the partners or the admission of new partners, or the reduction of the capital by the total or partial recovery of the purchases made.
It is realized between the successions of the partners or the shareholders, but also by the admission of the new partners or the shareholders.
1.Submitted right ohada
2. Mandatory in all acts and documents issued by the company and intended for third parties: “SAS with variable capital”.
3. The statutes of companies in C.V organize the terms of subscription, release and resumption of contributions.
4.Not subject to the formalities of filing and publication of deeds recorded increases or withdrawals of capital stock under the terms of the provisions of common law, or pensioners of partners, other than the managers or directors of social the simplified joint stock company
NB: the reduction of the share capital may not be less than the 10th share capital provided for in the bylaws, nor the minimum amount of share capital required by the corporate form, which is assumed upstream and a ceiling maximum amount
In particular, it is necessary that the deeds note the increases or decreases in the share capital are exempted from the completion of the formalities that the filing or publication.
However, the deeds recorded retirees of the managers or the social leaders of the SAS are subjected to filing and publication formalities.