12 tips to move to the new accounting repository of 01 January 2018 without leaving too much feathers

12 tips to move to the new accounting repository of 01 January 2018 without leaving too much feathers

1 °) Read the AUDCIF and especially the repealed articles and the terms added or deleted in relation to the old repository;

2 °) Read and understand the new conceptual framework for professionals in the Ohada zone;

3 °) Understand the structuring of the accounts and their contents;

4 °) Identify the new accounts and those deleted, and understand the functioning of the new accounts;

5 °) Appropriate the new formats of the synthesis states of the normal system;

6) Appropriate the new formats of the consolidated states minimum cash system;

7 °) participate in a training seminar if possible facilitated by a confirmed (accountant, confirmed consultant, confirmed accounting director, associate professor of accounting etc.);

8 °) then to avoid just training the DAF and the chief accountant, it is a question of upgrading all the accounting practitioners of each country of the OHADA (intra-firm training to be preferred);

9 °) As of October 2017, set up a master plan that will bring you to train all the resource persons within a DAF or an accounting department check out air conditioning repair richmond va, in order not to wait until the day before January 1, 2018…

10 °) identify the various digital tools that will help you with an easy way to change repository (applications, software, automated files) in interaction with the tool you use;

11 °) Establish pro forma accounts at 31.12.2017 (after production of accounts under the old repository for the sake of comparability);

12 °) organize mini trainings on specific operations during the year 2018 with regular intervals to be fixed (41 chapters relate to specific operations) in order to upgrade all the accountants of your department or service…

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